Hoàng Gia Fish Sauce is a product that has been meticulously researched and introduced by Vạn Xuân Company, aiming to become the number one delicious fish sauce brand. Vạn Xuân focuses and cares about every detail in product development to provide true value for our valued customers and partners. Hoàng Gia Fish Sauce is a combination of freshly caught anchovies captured seasonally and carefully selected to meet strict quality criteria, along with the famous salt from the Bình Thuận sea, giving birth to unique and exceptional drops of Hoàng Gia Fish Sauce.

BVAD Agency is honored to become the production partner of Vạn Xuân Company, creating sharp TVC clips that deliver vivid information and highlight the Hoàng Gia Fish Sauce product. Notably, BVAD Agency has used product images and labels that exude sophistication when presenting them to partners, customers, and consumers. The Hoàng Gia Fish Sauce product comes in various models and capacities, offering smart choices for consumers.

Scenes in the Hoang Gia Fish Sauce Advertising TVC

With the setting of the living room and the scene of partners giving gifts, the production team meticulously calculated every detail, from designing the setting, main color tones, materials of each equipment, and products within the space to the perfect set-up phase to ensure the TVC had the highest quality images. During post-production, BVAD Agency crafted a visually appealing image combining a variety of colors in the TVC, paying attention to every detail with precision.

Gifting partners in the TVC advertising scene

“The images and colors in the film were also meticulously refined. After over a month of pre-production, the TVC was timely for the client’s broadcast schedule and received positive feedback. This was a tremendous source of motivation for the dedication of the BVAD Agency team in general and the TVC production team in particular. The excellent result for the Nước Mắm Hoàng Gia brand, a necessary solution in every safe meal for every family, has provided BVAD Agency with significant motivation. We hope that in the future, BVAD Agency will continue to produce even higher-quality products, meeting all customer needs.

The CEO of BVAD Agency (from left) also attended the film production day.
Behind-the-scenes footage in the TVC Advertising

“BVAD Agency always values and appreciates the partnership with clients on the journey of brand development, creating quality products”

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