After 14 years of operation, ButVangCorp is proud to be a strong digital media ecosystem in the market, collaborating with hundreds of major clients in various fields.

Those are the shares from Mr. Tran Dinh Thanh, CEO of ButVangCorp, an experienced agency in Vietnam. Established in 2008, ButVangCorp takes pride in successfully executing over 5,000 projects, collaborating with major clients such as Cargill, BIDV, SHB, Orion, Willmar CLV, Gas South, Hữu Nghị Food, Bibica, Đại học Ngân Hàng, Ngọc Thiên Bảo, Kim Oanh Group, CNG Việt Nam, DIC, Sơn Nero, Địa ốc Vạn Xuân, Rinnai, Sen Group, Bánh kẹo Hải Hà, Rạng Đông, Vua Nệm, Phở Vifon, VPBank, FPT Long Châu, and more.

Let’s explore the journey of construction and development of ButVangCorp through the shares of Mr. Tran Dinh Thanh in the following article.

Mr. Tran Dinh Thanh, CEO of ButVangCorp

What motivation or opportunity led you to establish ButVangCorp?

Originating from a passion for art and a love for flexible, creative, and dynamic work that involves moving around and meeting various people. This passion also served as the opportunity that led me to decide to establish ButVangCorp.

ButVangCorp provides customers with sharp marketing tools and effective communication strategies to help businesses increase sales and build a sustainable brand.

During the development process, what challenges did ButVangCorp face? How did you overcome those obstacles?

In the initial stages of its operation, ButVangCorp faced many challenges, including the lack of a strong financial source and the trust of major clients. However, with the existing experience, combined with effort, a desire to learn, and a readiness to adapt to trends, ButVangCorp continuously improved, exerted efforts in development, and created significant value for businesses.

Where it stumbled is where ButVangCorp rose. This is how ButVangCorp and its team “grew” every day, always innovating and learning, continuously improving themselves to meet the increasingly high expectations of customers.

ButVangCorp – 14 year Journey in Brand Communication
The team of employees is continuously improving themselves.

03 important values ​​that you have always preserved and developed during 14 years of building the company?

For me, the three most important values that have enabled the company to grow significantly and earn the trust of many customers up to the present moment are credibility, a focus on the development of individuals, and the philosophy of working with a heartfelt approach.

Reputation is the determining factor for the success or failure of a business. In the vibrant advertising market of Vietnam today, where customers have numerous choices among agencies, the competitive advantage doesn’t stop at creativity or effectiveness but relies heavily on trust, and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Focusing on the development of individuals, ButVangCorp prioritizes building a professional and passionate team, ready to deliver the highest quality of service to customers. For us, assigning a person is assigning a task, and assigning a task is assigning responsibility, creating conditions for each individual to develop independent work skills, autonomy, and always having a spirit of learning and self-improvement.

The third value is the working philosophy with the heart. Making a difference through efforts from the heart, ButVangCorp always positions itself as a partner, working and developing together with customers, providing the most appropriate and effective solutions, flexibly optimizing costs for each customer’s needs.

Celebrating 14 Years of ButVangCorp Establishment

Your approach to human management at ButVangCorp?

The most valuable resource of an agency is its people. We focus on building an In-house team to empower businesses to take ownership of their products. ButVangCorp is dedicated to developing and honing the skills of each employee. Inspired by passionate leaders and guided by an experienced mentorship team, every ButVangCorp member carries a fighting spirit, a passion for creativity, and a readiness to serve even the most demanding customers.

The team members carry a fighting spirit, a passion for creativity, and a readiness to serve customers.

What communication services is ButVangCorp providing?

Currently, ButVangCorp is known to customers for its SMEs Marketing services. These services include: Overall Marketing, Digital Marketing, Real Estate Marketing, Production House, TVC Production, Corporate Film Production, Brand Identity.

As a predecessor to a Production House, ButVangCorp possesses experience in producing professional videos and images. In addition, we provide services in producing multimedia materials and consultancy solutions, planning multi-channel advertising campaigns for our clients.

What is the company’s greatest strength?

Possessing a strong media ecosystem in the market, coupled with reputable relationships with media agencies, ButVangCorp helps clients expand their brand recognition through various advertising channels, from online to offline.

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The development orientation for the period 2023-2027 of ButVangCorp.

The development direction for the period 2023-2027 of ButVangCorp.

Transitioning from the 14-year journey of formation and development with an established human resource foundation, we plan to develop based on three criteria:

  • Always innovate, update, and adapt to fit the trends of digital transformation.
  • Vision for the period 2023-2027: We strive to expand our brand, so that when it comes to communication solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, customers immediately think of ButVangCorp. The success of our clients is our success.
ButVangCorp celebrates its 14th birthday at Amathanh Farm.
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