In the challenging field of marketing, the main story is the most powerful weapon that helps businesses combat the ‘noise,’ told in a way that attracts people to explore and listen.


From a knowledge perspective, Marketing is essentially the way businesses introduce their products and services into the minds of consumers. In specialized industries, achieving effective communication requires a great deal of effort, understanding of customer psychology, as well as knowledge of the industry’s characteristics. Join BVAD Agency in exploring communication strategies tailored to each industry in the following article.

The insurance industry's marketing solutions aims to enhance the enjoyment of life."
The insurance industry’s marketing aims to enhance the enjoyment of life.

Insurance Industry Marketing Solutions

The insurance industry is often considered one of the challenging sectors for communication, as its services are typically not of immediate interest to customers, with low perceived usage needs and skepticism towards advisors. To alter consumer perceptions, marketing campaigns in the challenging field of the insurance industry should emphasize innovation and avoid falling into conventional patterns.

Marketing ngành bảo hiểm
Insurance industry marketing focuses on promoting the enjoyment of life.”

Currently, to attract modern customers, insurance industry marketing campaigns no longer rely on emotions of fear and anxiety. Instead, they focus on inspirational stories to instill a greater belief in life, awaken optimism, joy, and confidence in the future. As a result, customers no longer perceive insurance with the same skepticism and lack of goodwill as before but gradually change their perspective.

Healthcare Industry Marketing Solutions

Many experts assess that marketing in the healthcare industry is more challenging than in some other fields, as healthcare deals with issues related to health and life. The specialized nature of this industry somewhat limits creativity, not allowing it to exceed certain boundaries. Additionally, communication within the healthcare sector requires marketers to have a solid understanding of medical expertise, avoiding the dissemination of inaccurate information

Marketing ngành khó - ngành bảo hiểm
Using real-life stories and genuine experiences for communication in the healthcare industry.

To develop healthcare industry marketing campaigns, in addition to providing essential information for users, you can employ the art of warm and intimate storytelling. By sharing real stories about real people, the genuine process of treatment, the effectiveness of medications, and the compassionate care of healthcare professionals, marketing effectiveness can be enhanced by touching the emotions of readers and motivating them to take action.

Financial Industry Marketing Solutions

The banking and financial industry is inherently dry, with a strong focus on benefits. To communicate effectively in this sector, businesses need to understand their customers by engaging in activities such as market research, studying consumer behavior, and understanding customer bank preferences. The information provided by the marketing team will help the bank determine strategies, competitive capabilities, and the market position of each bank

 Marketing ngành khó - ngành Tài chính
Gamification – a novel advertising approach, enhancing customer engagement in the financial industry

Above are some marketing directions for specialized industries. To learn more and implement comprehensive marketing campaigns for challenging sectors, you can contact BVAD Agency.

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