ButVangCorp – “Ignite passion, burn with fervor!”

You’re young, dynamic, creative, and passionate about the media and advertising industry?

You’re looking for a vibrant, open, and fun-filled work environment?

ButVangCorp is the place for you!

ButVangCorp is a ‘top-notch’ advertising and communication agency with over 15 years of experience conquering the market. Here, we gather a team of young, dynamic, and creative ‘warriors’ who are always ready to ‘give it their all’ with passion and enthusiasm

Gen Z warriors

Dynamically capturing trends faster than the wind, always updating with the latest trends.

Creative minds

Willing to take risks, unafraid of challenges, ready to break through with unique, ‘top-notch’ ideas

team butvangcorp tết 2024
team butvangcorp tết 2024

Deadline "juggler"

Diligent,” “handling” every deadline “with ease,” “fighting” every project “flawlessly.”

Sociable "warriors"

Vui vẻ, “tấu hài” mọi lúc mọi nơi, “quẩy” hết mình trong mọi hoạt động.

At ButVangCorp, you can easily join our team and will have memorable days on the ‘agency backbone’ journey

Enjoy a working environment as 'pure as distilled water

ButVangCorp offers a working environment as ‘pure as distilled water’: Open, unrestricted, where you can comfortably showcase your ‘grey matter’ and ‘playfulness’. Fun, humorous, laughter always resounds, ‘chatting’ across continents, ‘partying’ enthusiastically everywhere, all the time

Many ‘fiery’ bonding activities, creating a ‘dynamic’ playground where you can give your all, helping you bond with colleagues and ‘burn’ with passion

Continuous self-development

At ButVangCorp, you will participate in real projects, ‘level up’ your skills. You will be ‘cared for’ attentively, ‘nurtured’ with knowledge, and ‘elevated’ professionally thanks to experienced managers. There are opportunities for ‘advancement’, ‘breakthroughs’ in your work. ButVangCorp – Where you ‘ignite’ passion and ‘shine’ with talent!

Enjoy the workspace

Moreover, the workspace at ButVangCorp is also a ‘hotspot for young people to visit and work’ thanks to its modern, cozy office, which sparks creative inspiration for agency talents.

CEO ButVangCorp:

Possessing a strategic vision, leading ButVangCorp to conquer every goal. Dedicated to the profession, always standing shoulder to shoulder with the ‘warriors’, igniting passion and creating motivation for each individual. Listening, understanding, caring about every ‘pain point’ of the employees, creating an open, cohesive, and supportive working environment

ButVangCorp is not just a place where you ‘work hard’, it’s also a ‘second home’, where you ‘give it your all’ with passion, ‘shine’ with talent, and ‘reap’ success

Join ButVangCorp to ignite passion together and give it your all in the fight!

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