How can your F&B brand or restaurant effectively communicate and convey brand values closer to users? Let’s explore suitable F&B Marketing solutions with ButVangCorp to boost revenue.

1. What is F&B industry

F&B” is an abbreviation for “Food and Beverage Service,” which encompasses businesses providing food and drink services. It represents a type of service-oriented business found in restaurants, hotels, tourist resorts, food stalls, fast-food outlets, and bars.

The F&B industry is experiencing strong growth in central cities
The F&B industry is experiencing strong growth in central cities

In major cities such as Hanoi, Saigon, especially in central areas, F&B business activities thrive with a diverse culinary scene ranging from local to international cuisines. Besides enhancing the quality of life and the well-being of individuals, the F&B industry plays a significant role in boosting the economy and showcasing the culinary culture of the city and the country at a new level

2. Business Models in the F&B Industry.


F&B Model in Hotels.

This model serves the dining needs of guests during their stay and accommodation at the hotel. The revenue from this food service model also constitutes a significant portion of the hotel’s total revenue.

F&B Technology Model.

This model allows customers to order their favorite dishes through an app without having to physically visit the store. The model is gaining traction due to its convenience.

Giải pháp Marketing F&B
F&B Takeaway Model.

F&B Full-Service Model: This is a comprehensive F&B business model that covers all steps from the moment customers step into the restaurant until they pay and leave. It is considered an extremely popular model worldwide. Within this model, there can be several types of restaurants, such as:

  • Bistro Restaurant: This is a hybrid model that includes a café, restaurant, and bar in a cozy space, serving simple European-style dishes.
  • Ethnic Restaurant: This model is a restaurant serving the culinary culture of an entire country or ethnic group.
  • Fine Dining Restaurant: These restaurants serve premium cuisine, offering not only high-quality food but also 5-star service
  • Fast Food Restaurant: An F&B business model with reasonable pricing and easy accessibility, mostly self-service. In Vietnam, this model is associated with brands such as Lotteria, KFC, Starbucks, Highlands Coffee, The Coffee House, etc. The target customers of this business model typically prioritize convenience over taste quality.

Street Food Model:

In any country or locality, Street Food is always the most common culinary business model. This involves food sold on carts or lightweight stalls, easily accessible at affordable prices. The target customers for this model are often low-income workers or tourists seeking to explore local cuisine

3. Effective Marketing Solutions for the F&B Industry.


Behind the success of a restaurant lies not only delicious food and quality service but also the right marketing solutions and effective F&B marketing strategies that attract customers. Let’s explore effective marketing solutions for the F&B industry with BVAD Agency.

3.1 Brand Positioning for the F&B Model

To truly stand out in the competitive F&B market, businesses need a marketing solution to build their brand image impressively, expressing their unique personality. By brand positioning: Identifying business objectives, introducing products/services to the market, and pinpointing the target audience, the business can create a specific business strategy that facilitates future communication.

3.2 Impressive Packaging Design and Brand Identity

When customers haven’t tried the food yet, eye-catching product packaging is a way to attract and stimulate purchasing interest. Additionally, consistency in brand identity elements such as logos, shop signs, employee uniforms, paper cups, space decor, etc., will contribute to affirming the personality and professionalism of your F&B model.

F&B packaging is the first impression that attracts people to make a purchase
F&B packaging is the first impression that attracts people to make a purchase.”

3.3 Organizing Events at the Restaurant

In the early stages of opening a restaurant or when your F&B model needs attention, event organization is a smart marketing solution that helps introduce your F&B brand to people. You can organize food festivals, seasonal events such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas at the restaurant, and offer promotional programs to encourage people to visit.

To organize a successful and effective event, you need to combine online advertising, distribute flyers, run ads on social media, use banner ads, etc., to convey information to users in a timely manner.

Events at the restaurant can attract a large number of customers to participate.
Events at the restaurant can attract a large number of customers to participate.

3.4 Partnering with Multiple Online Food Delivery Apps.

Registering to sell on various online food delivery apps not only increases revenue but also provides the brand with the opportunity to reach and communicate directly with users. It is advisable to collaborate with major delivery services such as Shopee Food, GrabFood, Beamin, etc., which already have a large potential customer base, making it effective for customer outreach

3.5 Social Media Marketing

In the digital age, utilizing social media as a marketing solution has a significant impact and can support the F&B industry’s marketing strategy due to the vast number of users and online consumer habits. Among them, Instagram is a powerful tool for food and beverage marketing, leveraging its advantages in visuals, user base, and features like Instagram stories to naturally showcase food and drink images and the ambiance of the restaurant, attracting attention effectively.

Social Media Marketing
Instagram is an effective platform for developing communication in the F&B industry

You can implement Influencer Marketing campaigns, using Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) to introduce and review the restaurant on popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, and Community Groups. This helps the brand easily reach the target audience and increases the potential for business growth.

3.6 Highlighting the Distinct Advantages of the F&B Model

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) marketing solution is a way for businesses to stand out among thousands of competitors by creating the unique value of the business.

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in the F&B business requires your food and beverages to stand out significantly from competitors in terms of flavor, quality of ingredients, safety, and nutritional assurance, as well as aesthetic appeal and food presentation. Based on these distinctive advantages, you can utilize marketing solutions to build a focused marketing strategy that highlights your USP, such as creating videos showcasing close-ups of delicious dishes, emphasizing fresh and high-quality ingredients, and detailing the various stages of food preparation.

3.7 Implementing Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions.

Exploiting traditional channels such as TVC (Television Commercial), OOH (Out-of-Home), and extending to digital channels like websites, social media, email marketing, and mobile platforms can enhance brand recognition and easily reach the target audience.

The above are suggestions for effective marketing solutions for the F&B model. If you want to build a well-rounded, highly effective marketing strategy, you can consider choosing BVAD Agency, a communication agency.

BVAD Agency provides marketing solutions to build effective marketing strategies for businesses.
BVAD Agency provides marketing solutions to build effective marketing strategies for businesses.

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