Behind the Scenes of Gas South Commercial TVC

The Southern Gas Trading Joint Stock Company – Gas South is one of the leading providers of clean fuel in Vietnam. In addition to household products such as LPG cylinders with 06 brands: Gas Dau Khi, VT-Gas, AGas, Dang Phuoc Gas, JP Gas, Dak Gas, BVAD Agency is honored to be a production partner of Gas South, creating sharp TVC videos that highlight and provide information about Gas South’s products. Particularly, BVAD Agency has used images of housewives in familiar household spaces to connect with the audience and consumers. Gas South’s product line offers various models and is a safe choice for every household.

Behind the Scenes of Gas South Commercial TVC
Cooking Environment in the Gas South TVC

With the backdrop of the kitchen space and its utensils, the production team meticulously calculated every detail, from designing the scene, the dominant color tone, to the material of each device and product in the space. This ensured that the TVC had the highest quality imagery. During the post-production phase, BVAD Agency crafted visually appealing images, incorporating a variety of colors, and paying careful attention to every detail.

Family images in the TVC advertising setup scene

From the images, the colors in the film are also meticulously crafted. After over a month of pre-production, the TVC was timely for the client’s broadcast schedule and received positive feedback. This served as a great source of motivation for the dedication of the BVAD Agency team in general and the TVC production team in particular. The excellent results for the Gas South brand, a safe gas solution for every home, have provided BVAD Agency with significant inspiration. We hope that BVAD Agency will continue to produce even higher-quality products in the future, meeting all the needs of our customers.

Some behind-the-scenes footage from the advertising TVC
Actors are carefully prepared by Cas before shooting the TVC
Thorough setup for the most vividly shot scenes
Professional filming equipment to capture beautiful and stunning scenes

“BVAD Agency always appreciates and thanks Gas South for accompanying us on the journey of brand development and creating quality products”


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