The Cung Đình Baby Bath Oil is formulated to disperse and completely dissolve in water, utilizing 100% natural tea tree oil. Infused with the pleasant fragrance of rose essential oil, it provides antibacterial cleansing, exceptionally retains warmth during and after bathing, offering a comfortable sensation. It is safe for babies and provides peace of mind for parents.

BVAD Agency is proud to be the production partner for the TVC advertising of this product. At BVAD Agency, we have created a commercial film that highlights the useful features of the baby care product. Especially, the TVC features images of a caring mother attending to her baby, addressing health and skin issues. The Cung Đình Baby Bath Oil emerges as the savior for mothers in such situations. The product is not only convenient but also a safe choice for babies.

hậu trường tvc quảng cáo

The two main actors in the TVC advertising for the product

Behind-the-scenes footage in the TVC advertising for the Cung Đình Baby Bath Oil.

With the bathroom setting and various props, the production team meticulously calculated every detail, from the scene design, dominant color tones, materials of each tool, and product placement within the space, to the perfect setup phase, ensuring the TVC captures the highest-quality visuals. During post-production, BVAD Agency crafted visually appealing images with a diverse color palette in the TVC, paying careful attention to every detail.

Behind-the-scenes footage of the baby’s scenes during the TVC production

Product shots of Cung Đình Baby Bath Oil

“BVAD Agency always values and appreciates the partnership with our clients on the journey of brand development and the creation of high-quality products”

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