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VOH Channel Advertising

  • The listenership is high and stable, consistently reaching a broad customer base.
  • Ensuring seamless delivery of advertisements without interruption.
  • Cost-effective advertising solutions

VOV Channel Advertising

  • Advertising solutions for product promotion, brand building, and identity recognition.

  • Increasing customer trust through airing on reputable channel news bulletins, incorporating naturally embedded experiential stories.

  • Quick production with lower costs compared to television and other media channels.

Advertising on Radio Channels in 63 Provinces and Cities

  • Broadcasting across multiple geographical regions increases opportunities for the brand to be recognized and remembered by a wide range of listeners.

  • The rise of smartphones and the automotive industry facilitates easy access to this form of advertising for listeners.

  • Radio channels often have the ability to target specific listener demographics, helping businesses reach their target audience accurately.

Speaker Advertising

  • Low advertising costs.
  • Easy direct targeting of markets and target customers, particularly effective in rural and remote areas.
  • Wide coverage across all 63 provinces and cities. Targeting all customer demographics.
  • Forced listening: people can’t turn off or switch channels like on radio or television, so businesses can convey messages about products, services, or brands directly to target audiences more comprehensively.


VOV advertising is a channel chosen by thousands of businesses and brands for their communication campaigns due to its effectiveness, targeting the right customer demographics, and affordable pricing.

Some popular VOV advertising channels include:

  • VOV Giao Thong Advertising
  • VOV1 Advertising
  • VOV3 Advertising
  • Advertising on Mekong FM Channels

ButVangCorp is a reputable agency providing professional radio advertising services. We assist businesses by advising on advertising solutions across suitable radio channels for each brand, optimizing campaign effectiveness with prime broadcast slots and high discount rates.

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  • The VOV Traffic channel is a specialized radio channel providing traffic information and entertainment, operated by the Voice of Vietnam. It has wide coverage and reaches a diverse audience.
  • Listeners of VOV Traffic typically include businesspeople, drivers, office workers, students, and laborers.
  • The channel broadcasts on the FM band, frequency 91.0 MHz, airing live during three peak hours: morning (6:30 – 09:15), noon (10:30 – 12:00), and evening (16:15 – 19:00), on both VOV Traffic channels in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Kênh VOV1 với độ phủ sóng trên cả nước với hàng triệu thính giả đón nghe mỗi ngày,
  • Khung giờ phát sóng từ 4 giờ đến 24 giờ hàng ngày với tần số FM100hmz
  • Nội dung chương trình phong phú cung cấp thông tin toàn cảnh về đời sống xung quanh, giúp thính giả cập nhật tin tức nhanh chóng và toàn diện. 
  • Advertising on VOV3, a radio channel belonging to the Voice of Vietnam Broadcasting, offers programs related to both domestic and international music, as well as updates on entertainment news.
  • VOV3 is broadcast nationwide on FM with a 24/7 schedule.

MEKONG FM 90MHz is a special version of VOV Traffic dedicated to the people of the Mekong Delta region, featuring outstanding strengths:

    • A large audience: FM MeKong covers the entire Mekong Delta region, serving nearly 20 million listeners in 13 provinces and cities in the southwestern region.
    • Southern-themed program content: Program guests include artists, especially those in traditional Vietnamese opera (cải lương), beloved by the people of the Mekong Delta.


  • VOH has a large audience listening to its radio broadcasts.
  • The majority of listeners belong to various intellectual, working-class, or student demographics. VOH is the channel not to be overlooked if businesses aim to reach these audiences.
  • The broadcast content is diverse and rich, covering politics, society, culture, entertainment, music, as well as health, environment, and education, all presented with modern broadcasting techniques.
  • Some main radio channels include: VOH1, VOH2, VOH3, VOH4


Radio advertising comes in various forms, including:

Directly addressing

Here's a short audio clip containing the advertising content that needs to be conveyed. This segment simply features the announcer's narration

Radio Ads và Radio Trailer

Here's a full script containing the advertising content for the product or service, to be delivered by the radio host or the voice of a celebrity

Sponsored program

Trong một chương trình phát thanh nhất định, quảng cáo của doanh nghiệp sẽ xuất hiện dày đặc từ đầu, giữa và cuối chương trình làm tăng độ nhận diện và uy tín của thương hiệu.

Promotions at ButVangCorp


  • Speaker advertising is a traditional form of advertising that utilizes public address systems to broadcast messages to people in specific areas, offering many benefits to businesses, especially those looking to reach potential customers locally.
  • The advertising method is often broadcasted in specific areas: residential areas, markets, schools, amusement parks, along streets.


Step 1: Planning the advertising campaign

Based on the requirements of the business, ButVangCorp will create the most detailed plan possible.

Step 2: Advertising production

Producing radio advertisements that capture the attention of listeners and effectively convey the message, ensuring that your advertisement complies with all current regulations.

Step 3: Radio advertising booking

ButVangCorp has close partnerships with reputable radio stations across Vietnam. We will assist you in booking radio advertising at competitive prices.

Step 4: Monitoring and evaluating effectiveness

Monitoring, tracking, optimizing, and reporting the results of the advertising campaign



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