What is TVC promotion?

TVC Promotional, also known as TVC promotions, is used to introduce various promotion programs, discounts, or other incentives for products or services. The objective of promotional TVC is to generate excitement and enhance brand recognition, thereby stimulating consumers to make purchases or use the services. Promotional TVCs vary in length depending on their purpose but typically have a short duration, ranging from 15 to 60 seconds.


(The Carabao promotional TVC project was executed by the BVAD Agency.)

With the development of technology and communication, TVC promotion is becoming more and more popular and important in the field of advertising and marketing.

The importance of TVC promotion for businesses

  • TVC promotions directly impact revenue
  • Enhance brand recognition, create trust, lead consumers
  • They leave a lasting impression, evoke powerful emotions, captivate audiences, and attract attention from the public. 
  • An effective tool for reaching and expanding markets for new products or services. Learn more: Promotional Advertising TVCs.

Why do businesses need a promotional TVC?

  • Introducing product or service images – portraying the brand as a youthful presence in the market in a compelling and attention-grabbing manner.
  • Generating excitement and prompting customers to swiftly make purchases of the products or services.
  • Utilizing professional sales tools to reach viewers through the internet, television, and public spaces (LCD, frames, billboards, etc.).
  • Enhancing product/service recognition and brand awareness, building trust and credibility with customers.
  • Creating a repeated presence to ensure customers remember the brand, thus promoting purchasing behavior and strengthening customer relationships.”
  • Typically, Vietnamese consumers tend to favor promotional offers, discounts, and gifts when making purchasing decisions, making this approach highly effective and prevalent.
  • Thông thường hành vi mua hàng của người Việt thường lựa chọn các sản phẩm dịch vụ khuyễn mãi, giảm giá, quà tặng,..nên hình thức này rất phát triển.

TVC Advertising | CARABAO Energy Drink Promotion

TVC Advertising | BIDV Promotion

TVC Advertising | Saigon Mattress Promotion

Making Sales Advertising Films | Bitis Products

BVAD Agency understands that each project is special and requires personalization to accurately reflect the values of the brand. Therefore, we always listen to customers’ requests and advise creative ideas to build the most perfect and thoughtful TVC promotion.

Not only committed to producing perfect TVCs, BVAD Agency also always strives to implement the project according to the committed schedule and within the advertising budget of customers. For us, customer satisfaction is the No. 1 priority.

TVC production process promotion at BVAD Agency

  • Client Brief: Receiving client requirements.
  • Product Research: Market research.
  • Creative Brief: Summarizing creative requirements.
  • Concept – Idea: Developing concepts and production plans.
  • Review Internally: Examining and finalizing concepts.
  • Quotation: Providing a quote, signing contracts, and proposing implementation timelines.
  • Script: Creating a detailed script.
  • Project Implementation: Executing the project (1-3 days depending on the project).
  • Post-Production: Post-production editing (film editing, color correction, special effects, sound editing, music insertion, etc.).
  • Revise & Represent: Receiving feedback and making adjustments in line with client requirements.
  • Check – Deliverables: Verifying and delivering the final product to the client.

Why should you choose TVC advertising service at BVAD Agency?



  • Experience and Expertise: With over 15 years of experience in advertising across various industries, BVAD Agency has delivered more than 5000 successful projects.
  • Quality and Reputation: We commit to clear consultation, 24/7 support, meeting deadlines, delivering products on time, meeting requirements, and providing competitive prices to offer the best quality service to our clients.
  • Professional Team: Our team consists of experienced, passionate, and innovative individuals who stay updated with industry trends.
  • Post-Purchase Service: BVAD Agency, as an agency under the ButVangCorp ecosystem, is a pioneering company that combines an agency and production house, offering comprehensive communication solutions for small and 


Consulting Services TVC Production Promotion

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BVAD AGENCY helps businesses increase competitive advantage with integrated communication solutions.


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